Thinking inside the box

Today I got to be creative and craft a special housing for two items that are housed together because of their provenance.  One item is a flat rectangle of cardstock with a piece of fabric attached to it, and the other is a small commemorative button pin.  The exterior box was purchased from an archival supply house, but I built up the inside with Volara foam, 10pt board and Hollytex.  I carved a little niche in a piece of foam for the button to sit in, and then filled the remaining space in the bottom of the box with a layer of Volara.  Next, I made a little tray for the fabric scrap out of 10pt board and Hollytex.  It only has three sides so that you can just slide it out of the tray easily, with thumb tabs on either side to help lift it out of the main box.  I used Hollytex and some Velcro to make a strap to go over the button to keep it in place in case the box is ever dropped or jostled too hard.  To keep the fabric scrap in place, I made a flap of 10pt board to go over the entire inside of the box that’s adhered permanently to one side with double-sided tape; on the other side is a Velcro “velocoin”.

To access the contents, you just remove the box lid, then lift up the 10pt board flap, and from there you can pick up the tray by its thumb tabs or undo the Velcro strap over the button and remove it easily from its foam niche.




The first part of opening the box:


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