Seaglass huntin’

Seaglass with wire inside

It’s been freakishly warm and beautiful in Chicago this week, so I’m making good use of the nice weather by going to the beach a lot.  Of course, most of my time at the beach is spent with my head down, as I like to look for seaglass/beachglass/lakeglass.  I even have a set on Flickr devoted to my seaglass collection.  The above photo is of a piece of security glass, which has been polished and frosted by who knows how many years of tumbling around in Lake Michigan.  I found a good photo on Flickr of what it probably looked like before it went into the lake.

Yesterday was a particularly successful seaglass day, as I found two beautiful cobalt blue pieces and a very rare red shard.

Second seaglass haul from Lake Michigan, 2010.


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