I found a yeti in the desert.

A yeti in the desert

I’ve been on vacation all this week in southern California.  It started snowing the day after we left Chicago, but it’s been nothing short of gorgeous here.  All the wildflowers are blooming in the desert, including the Ocotillo.  Also, I finally got to live the dream and go to the San Diego Zoo!  On our last day here, we’re headed to the beach but I am sad that I won’t be able to beach-comb like I usually do.  I’m not expecting to find a bounty of beachglass like I do at Lake Michigan’s beach in Chicago.  I’ll post a picture of my first haul of beach glass this season, which I picked up the day before we left on this trip – Chicago was 65ºF and sunny on Thursday, 31ºF and snowing on Friday.  We escaped just in time!

We were in Anza-Borrego state park yesterday and saw tons of wildflowers blooming, along with quail, shrike, desert pupfish, antelope squirrel, several lizard species and thousands of bees.  The hills were literally buzzing with all the bees hanging out in the lavender which was just on the edge of blooming.  This is desert mallow.

Desert mallow

And this is some lupine and poppies!

Lupin and poppies