Portfolio website

So I’m in the midst of updating and revising my portfolio website – I’ve had it since 2007, but it was originally created for a class assignment than as a self-marketing tool. One of the things I don’t like about the current design is the individual treatment pages: essentially each page is just the standard, technical-language treatment report. Which is very boring and confusing for those who are not conservators, and even probably for several conservators. It certainly bores the heck out of me, so I’ve been thinking about how to make my webpage more interesting and engaging. I like what Jeff Peachey has done with his treatment reports:

“The pages below are not treatment reports, but an informal tour through the treatment, with consideration of issues they raise that I find interesting, much like what I would during a studio tour”

One of the things I really want to add is some bibliographic or historical information about the various objects I’ve worked on. Author biographies, brief historical notes about the binding style , printing technique, or the content of the object (like the Ira Aldridge broadsides). I’ve even researched the biographical information of the lady who left her name inside the Journal of Health book. These sorts of things just don’t have a spot in the treatment report forms I’ve used in the past, but I think they’re an important part of the object’s history and also help provide some context for the treatment and the collection/library it came from.

Finally, I also want to write up more of a treatment “walk-through”, to outline more of the decision-making process that goes into each step of a treatment. With the current layout, you can’t really get the sense of how I started out with one approach but ended up using a different method than originally planned. I also like pairing up the “before and after” photos, even though this is most effective with those “Conservation, Wow!” treatments with the most dramatic outward changes.


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