An appalling lack of breakfast tacos (or reason #5 why I miss Austin)

I ALWAYS get cravings for breakfast tacos when it is impossible to acquire anything resembling a breakfast taco. Therefore, here, in the middle of white-bread Evanston, just shy of the end of breakfast-time, I WANT A BREAKFAST TACO. I want THREE BREAKFAST TACOS.

But there are no breakfast tacos to be had. 😦


Exhibit: HIV/AIDS Materials from Nigeria

Images of the exhibit I worked on back in December and January. It’ll stay up in the library until February 26th.

I created these poster display mounts in the tall exhibit cases, since we didn’t want to put them on the wall (where they’d be unsecured) and we wanted to showcase as many posters as possible. It’s two pieces of Vyvek plastic, notched at the center, and supported by a base of several layers of matboard with a groove cut into it to hold the plastic. Magnets then hold the posters to the plastic, allowing eight posters for each display.