Adventures in vintage art…

Whenever I go thrifting or garage-saleing, I’m ALWAYS on the lookout for gravel art. I’d like to call myself a “collector” of gravel art, but in reality I only have two pieces thus far – a geisha and a golden peacock. In fact, back in the days of Tulsa thrifting, I turned my nose up at a few other works of gravel art because they weren’t sufficiently interesting. In addition, I only go for the gravel art that has the canvas background – not ones that are gravel from edge to edge, i.e. a gravel subject and a gravel background. Ebay torments me with wonderful examples of gravel art for sale at exorbitant prices…I’ve resisted thus far, but it’s also proved educational. For example, my geisha is meant to have a samurai companion, and my peacock is apparently pining for his mate. Whatevs. I totally have the odd-couple of gravel art and I’ll be damned if I let just any stupid “country scene” or “fruit basket” picture horn in on the gravelly bliss that currently resides on my apartment wall…

Look to the left side of the picture and you can see the geisha and her peacock just chilling out on the wall of my old apartment.


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